Thinking about helping with our shows?

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We are training children and youth from our community to become world class movie producers in every element of film making. With eighteen grandchildren Steve had a good start, but it will take many more to really raise up a force to compete with Hollywood for the heart of America. We will draw talent for making our Wyatt series and other shows from those in the classes.  Young people learn incredibly fast and are very diligent when working on a project. It takes much less time than one would think even for a pre-teen to master such skills as video editing.


Your donation will go to further this goal as we also move forward with a weekend camp on Steve's ranch for reaching young people in the surrounding community for Christ.  This will also be used as our movie production training center for Diamond Bar Kidz.. We already have a studio ( A transformed old barn) and video production equipment at the ranch.


Click on the Diamond Bar Kidz logo to see how picking blackberries can lead to a children's camp.

How you can help get this done


 1. Spread the word about this vision for America. Tell your friends about this show and send them a link to this Web site and post it on your social media site.


2. Talk to your pastor about having us come to your church to share our vision. Steve's book, "The Christian Guide to Dragon Slaying" is a battle manual for rescuing our nation and goes into depth about what it will take for Christians to restore America.


3.  If you live near the Yuba-Sutter area of California we are looking for all sorts of talented people, from prop-builders, actors, singers and puppet makers to those good with applying makeup.  We have a meeting and training time every Wednesday at 6:00 pm in Yuba City. Please email Steve for more information.


4. Donate money to help us in production and to facilitate our young people's weekend camp for training in media production. We are hyper-frugal and will not waste a dime.