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The part with the grandchildren helping did make it into our final introductory video.


A Bit of History

Steve began working on a new method to teach science when his son Jeremiah wanted to quit school in the second grade because it was "too boring." Steve volunteered to teach a weekly science class at his children's school and was soon asked to take his teaching system to other schools in the district.

Steve developed a new way to teach that used  demonstrators as a analogy for each abstract concept. He called his demonstration system the Physical Analogy Teaching System or PATS.


Children were learning at a rate so fast that when he contacted a man working with the California public school' s science curriculum team, the man didn't believe the level of science Steve claimed to be bringing to such young children. He told Steve that "any psychologist would tell him that was impossible."  Steve told him."Come and watch."


He did and later remarked, "I pass your office every day going to meet with the development team and you are way ahead of us."

Unfortunately, when this man's positive comments were quoted in a local news article about Steve's science teaching system, the man was scolded so severely by his superiors that he feared for his job; which ended his relationship with Steve's teaching system.

While showing his inventions to Paul Doherty of the San Francisco Exploratorium, Paul was shocked when he saw Steve's design for demonstrating wave motion through a vacuum. Paul told him that they had a physicist who had worked for five years trying to come up with such a demonstration and he was very excited that he now had it right in front of him. The Exploratorium has since built a large model of this demonstrator for their physics section.


The picture is of three of Steve's granddaughters playing with the demonstrator on a trip to the Exploratotium.


(Click here to read Paul Doherty's letter about Steve's science teaching system.)

This led to Steve abandoning his attempts at working with the public school system and moved him to begin working on the idea of a video series.


Also, Steve had come to realize during his time volunteering in the public schools that a lack of science understanding was not the greatest of the children's problems. There was a general lack of morals, character and faith that had come to that generation. The video series would be a great place to address this problem at the same time as teaching science.


Steve spoke at churches and talked to pastors trying to get an interest in reaching our children through entertainment.  With little interest Steve put the projects on the shelf for many years.  He warned them that if the church didn't win the battle for the hearts and minds of that generation they would grow up to vote for a charismatic communist for president.  They didn't and that generation did exactly that.


But things changed and the church began to see the coming nightmare as Obama came to power. Now there has been an awakening and the churches are embracing this vision for our children.

Left to right - Rusty Robbins, Kevin Muster, Jaime Escalante, Steve Cooper, Heidi Hessler, Joshua Cooper