Eighteen Wonderful and Amazing Grandchildren


From building the sets to acting, camera work, art and just plain creativity the grandchildren are the powerhouse behind our show. Could never have done it without them.


As they grow and learn they will become the new producers of this show and all future  shows for Diamond Bar Productions.  It is very moving to watch their dedication and work.

 Business Management - Cast Member - Voice Over


Jeremiah Cooper is the founder and CEO of CoopDIGITy, Inc: a privately held IT firm in Northern California.


Jeremiah manages a group of 11 employees which provide custom software development solutions as well as data processing and analytics to consumer packaged goods manufacturers and distributors. His team is also responsible for development and support of disaster planning and damage assessment software used by emergency managers across the US and Puerto Rico. (With his sister Heidi - below)



Jeremiah has a BS in Business Administration from Pepperdine University,

Children's Education Advisor - Singer - Cast Member


Katie DeVore worked for five years as a behavior consultant at Best Consulting.

For two years she was on the Parent's Advisory Board of South Sutter Charter School.

She now home schools her four daughters and cares for her infant son in their home in the Sierra foothills. She is currently teaching classes for the home school co-op.


Kate has a Bachelor of Science degree in the biology of psychology from UC Davis




Project Manager Advisor - Cast Member


David DeVore has over 12 years in Information Technology system design, implementation, and project management. He has managed multi-million dollar, multi-year projects ranging from cybersecurity to infrastructure upgrades to multimedia, requiring close management of resources, funds, schedules, and the requisite communication. David focuses on the human aspect of technological projects, not just the technical, and brings together cross-functional team members with different skillsets to work cohesively toward a singular goal. Among his multiple certifications, David is a PMP certified project manager.

Public Liaison - Marketing Advisor -Talent Procurement - Acting


Linda Norris and Davis Alvis


Linda's business, Top Talent Today, is one of the largest talent agencies in Northern California  Linda has the talent on hand to keep up with any direction our show takes us.  With our zany imagination that is no small task.  Click on the picture to go to Linda’s Web site. .


David Alvis now works with Linda at Top Talent Today and they both are excited about joining with us on this mission to America's youth. Along with helping in training they will be taking this vision to churches to bring in the support for our production needs.


David Alvis served as a U.S. Army Medical Corpsman from 1972 to 1975. He was awarded the Army Commendation Medal.

(The highest peace-time military award)


He worked as an Emergency Medical Technician after being discharged from the Army. Served as a Staff Relief Nurse @ UC Davis Medical Center for 15 years....specializing in Pediatric Intensive Care and Neonatal Intensive Care and Certified as a Cardiology Nursing Care Specialist. David is the Past President of Sacramento Professional Nurses for 5 years


David has worked as an Area Representative for Dale Carnegie Training

He has enjoyed a high level of success in direct sales

He is passionate about helping others achieve their business and personal goals


More recently, he has also enjoyed working with Linda as a children’s entertainer (balloon twisting and miming)

In his spare time, he has climbed Mt Shasta twice and completed 7 Marathons

He's an Adventurer, Sky Diver, and Scuba Diver



Animation - Storyboarding


Rusty has been creating and studying 3D graphics since 1992. He studied applied computer graphics at Chico State and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in 2006. He served three semesters as lab instructor for a 3D modeling class at CSU Chico and taught one semester of animation at Sacramento City College.


Rusty now has his Masters degree in computer animation using Lightwave, Blender, Maya, and After Effects. He is a good friend and has been helping with this show since its first beginnings.


Series Creator - Script Writer - Cast Member


Steve Cooper created a new method of teaching while doing volunteer science teaching at his children's elementary school. The science part of the show is based on this teaching breakthrough. The Epic Tale of Wyatt C. Mollusk is a major component of an overall strategy to help restore America as laid out in Steve's new book, "The Christian Guide to Dragon Slaying. Most of the team members are part of his family or close friends. There really is not a big dividing line between any of the job titles here. From script writer, to acting coach, to prop designer, the ideas flow freely and at any one time it would be hard to dissect who came up with what. Some of our best ideas come from the children.