When Benjamin Franklin came out of the Constitutional Convention the people asked him, "What kind of government have you given us?" He replied quite simply, "A republic; if you can keep it."


To do so we must...as in absolutely must, reclaim the hearts and minds of our children or America's experiment with liberty will be cut short.

The Epic Tale of Wyatt C. Mollusk is a show that children will love to watch. They will watch each episode over and over again. The show uses a method of teaching that Steve developed while doing volunteer science teaching in local elementary schools. Part of this breakthrough was a new system of demonstrators for the science course.


Children loved the science lessons before, now they will love them even more because they are interwoven in an imaginative story line.


With this new method for science teaching, second and third grade children were going to high school level science comprehension. Parents everywhere will want their children to watch this series when they see how fast other children are climbing the stairway of knowledge. In fact, it is more like an elevator.


This gives us an amazing opportunity to be invited into homes across America sharing even deeper truths with the next generation. That is the ultimate purpose of this show. We prayerfully plan to reach many millions in America alone, but we trust that this message of reverence for God and love of freedom will also go around the world.


Through this series we will be introducing children to the amazing gift God has given us to fix so many problems in the world.

That gift is fusion energy and all we have to do is unwrap this gift with the tools of research.